The Speed Hitter is a revolutionary multi-purpose training bat designed to dramatically improve your contact point, immediately increase bat speed, fine tune your swing mechanics, and turn you into the best hitter you can be!

The Speed Hitter is used by more than 20 Major League Baseball teams and comes highly endorsed by Derek Shelton, Major League Baseball Hitting Coach for the Tampa Bay Rays!

Speed Hitter Testimonials

CC Sabathia - Cy Young Award Winning Pitcher for the NY Yankees

“My son used the Speed Hitter every day and after a week I noticed a big difference in his swing. He went from hitting loopers to line drives!”

Aaron Boone - Former New York Yankee, 13-year MLB Player

“My son is eight and he loves the Speed Hitter.  In fact, his entire team enjoys and uses the Speed Hitter to help them maintain a consistent swing path.  Not only has it helped with their development, but the enjoyment they get out of practicing with it makes it totally worth it!”

Kerry Wood - MLB Baseball Player, Chicago Cubs

“I got the speed hitter for my 7-year old son and now we have all the 7-8 year olds on the team swinging it every day.  They fight over it.  It is a must have for kids to improve their swings!"

Jennifer Hamiliton - Speed Hitter Customer, Reno, Nevada

“I called because I wanted to know when the Speed Hitter, I ordered yesterday, would ship out for my son. We had a game last week and I noticed a player on the opposing team was using the Speed Hitter in the on-deck circle. He came up to bat after swinging the Speed Hitter and hit a home run! My son is so excited to receive his Speed Hitter!”

David Segui - Former MLB Player and Raul Ibanez’s Hitting Coach

“The Speed Hitter is an excellent training tool for hitters of all ages and skill levels. It gives instant feedback enabling the user to be his own coach. One of the best tools for developing a hitter’s “feel” for the proper hand and bat path. The Speed Hitter will train the hitter’s hands how to work together to maximize bat control and increase bat speed. Those are the keys to being a consistent and dangerous hitter! Save yourself time and money and invest in this simple, but incredibly effective training tool!”

Tom - Speed Hitter Customer

“Wanted to let you know the Speed Hitter arrived yesterday a.m.  Since its arrival, my son has swung it more than 900 times!!!  This is a great piece of equipment!  He is practicing his swing, keeping his hands inside the ball, leveling his contact point and increasing his bat speed.  But, even more important...he’s absolutely enthused with it and his “practice” time is FUN!!  Which means he doesn’t feel like he’s working and/or training and that equates to more time with the Speed Hitter and more productive ABs."

"You can't go another day, another game, or another practice without having a Speed Hitter!"

- Derek Shelton -
Tampa Bay Rays
Hitting Coach
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